Side loading container

Ideal Pop-up spaces built from side loading containers

Our 20ft side loading containers make for the ideal popup event or retail unit.  As the images below show, 20ft side loaders are ideal to provide you with a full open plan area along the 20ft side whilst the container retains its original doors at the 8ft.

20ft side opening container
20ft side opening container

The doors can open fully which provide you with an ideal 20ft worth of access, alternatively, as the above image shows, doors can be partially kept open.  We can also line the interior doors or affix artwork so as to showcase your brand or product.

These containers are also ideal conversions for popup container bars, cafes and retail units.  Container awnings can also be fitted to the roof to showcase art and company logos.

popup container - 20ft side loading unit
popup container – 20ft side loading unit

We can carry out as much or as little of the conversion works as required.  We have our own in-house team of container fabricators who can carry out structural and fit-out works.  For more complex conversions, we work with teams of specialists who can fit specialist glazing, design bespoke artwork and even fit-out your container to a high-end retail specification. We are happy to work to your specification.

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