40ft container conversions

In addition to 20ft units we can also custom modify the larger 40ft shipping containers which provide much more internal space for bespoke conversions projects!  Recently, we received an enquiry to convert several 40ft containers for use as residential accommodation during a construction project.

shipping container tunnel structure - 2 x 40ft linked together
shipping container tunnel structure – 2 x 40ft units linked together
bespoke 40ft container modification
bespoke 40ft container modification

These units are ideal for use as pop-up retail shops (for example, BoxPark in Shoreditch) and larger mixed use container venues such as a combined bar and cafe or combined event container (for use in exhibitions) and mobile road shows.

office container conversion - 40ft
office container conversion – 40ft

Contact us on 01707 648 400 or complete a Quick Quote for any 40ft conversion projects – we would be happy to discuss any exciting ideas with you!

40ft shipping container cherry red colour
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