20ft insulated container

20ft insulated shipping container conversion

See below for a selection of images of a recent 20ft insulated shipping container.  These specialist units are ideal for storage where condensation could affect the contents of the shipping container and you, therefore, require added protection. For example, our clients often use insulated containers for archive storage, to store furniture products and even certain food items.

Our insulated containers have stainless steel lining inside and are protected externally, with a flush external finish, compared with the traditional container corrugation.  We can also custom modify shipping containers and insulate these to your bespoke specifications.

If you would like a price on an insulated shipping container, or a bespoke storage container (insulated internally) please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01707 648 400 or email us office@bellcontainer.co.uk.  You can also complete a Quick Quote enquiry!

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