Pop Up Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping containers have recently been used for more than just pure storage. Recent conversions have seen containers being used as pop up shops, cafes, bars and even art galleries. Boxpark in Shoreditch, is one example of how 40ft shipping containers have been converted for use as individual retail units and has become London’s first pop-up container mall.

bespoke container conversions – custom generator unit and popup office (white)
popup container shop unit - blue 20ft
popup container shop unit – blue 20ft

We have been converting containers since 1983 and have now launched a new business division ‘Pop-Up Containers’ to cater for bespoke pop up container shops and custom container conversions for new projects in London, the South East and throughout the UK.

Get in touch with us for all container related requirements.

Visit the Bell Container group website’s gallery to see what we are able to offer.

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